Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 is out

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 1 was released today. It contains lots of software updates and features. For more information have a look at the release notes of our Server and Desktop version.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 templates

SUSE Studio supports the new SUSE Linux Enterprise release from day one. Just click on the Create appliance link after you log in and select the template you'd like to start with.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 SP1 GNOME

Testdriving SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 GNOME desktop

As always you can configure, build, testdrive and publish your appliance.

New Packages
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 includes now OpenJDK 8. SLE12 was having only the version 7 of OpenJDK. The customers that needed higher version of Java did not have a solution. But don't worry if you still need the OpenJDK 7 packages! OpenJDK 8 was added as an alternative along with OpenJDK 7 so that customers that need it can still use it. They are still available handled by alternatives.

The latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 updates also PostegreSQL to Version 9.4 which introduces the new pg_update feature. The new pg_update feature simplifies and speeds up the migration to a new PostgreSQL version. For detailed information, please have look at our release notes.

Furthermore the Python script interpreter was updated to version 2.7.9. Main feature is a improved SSL module which has better security checking of X509 certificates used in SSL/TLS communication.

As usual you can upgrade previous SUSE Linux Enterprise versions to the new Service Pack 1. Just go to the start tab of your appliance and click the Upgrade button at the top bar.

Upgrade to SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 from SLES 12

Upgrade to SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1

In case you are not satisfied with the upgrade you can also rollback to your old appliance version. Just click on Undo upgrade at the bottom of the appliance start tab.

Happy building :)
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