Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Google OpenID 2.0 service discontinued

Google discontinues their OpenID 2.0 service, which is responsible for authenticating you using your Google Account in Studio.

So what does it mean for you ? First of all, you are still able to use your Google Account as usual to logon. Since Google OAuth 2.0 replaces OpenID 2.0 for authenticating your account, you might be prompted to re-consent Studio to verify your Google Account. In your user account information page in Studio an additional Google Account using OAuth 2.0 will show up after successful logon. You might delete your old account marked as deprecated.

Enjoy building!

Your Studio Team

Google OpenID 2.0 deprecated information: 


  1. Thanks for the effort guys! You probably might not know this but you are helping a lot of businesses here in Australia in the data management industry :)

  2. A btangible demonstration is; a tool of the wise and; is to be commended.
    Gratitudes aside just for clarity.
    Are you thanking: Suse, a specific staff/volunteer member or group, Suse Studio, Linux the o/s and the associated development by Suse itself, or other?
    And for political/proper corrrectness in that menagerie, as rare as they may be, there exists =>1 woman/girl/female and should be appreciated and respected as equals. Only thanking 'guys', just doesn't fly.



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