Thursday, February 6, 2014

Featured Appliance: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Admin

IBM's TSM Admin Appliance allows Tivoli Storage Manager administrators to quickly begin using several powerful tools available for operating, managing and reporting upon their data protection infrastructure. IBM makes several components available for use in administering TSM, but most TSM administrators are not familiar with each of those components which can make installing and configuring them a complicated and arduous task. This appliance, built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, alleviates those problems by offering the components in a single pre-installed package. Upon first boot, the appliance will prompt the user for information about their network and then go about the process of configuring the different components to operate within their network.

The Administration Appliance Desktop

 The appliance includes the following components:
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center v6.4.1, the next-generation GUI for managing v6.3.4 TSM servers.
TSM Operations Center v6.4.1

  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring for TSM v6.3.4 to allow critical data to be gathered on all TSM servers and automatically summarized and loaded into a Tivoli Data Warehouse database.
ITM for TSM v6.3.4

  • Tivoli Common Reporting for TSM v6.3.4.200 to allow pre-defined and custom reports to be run against the information in the Tivoli Data Warehouse.
Tivoli Common Reporting
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center v6.3.4.200, the classic GUI interface for managing TSM which includes all v6.3.4 capabilities.

TSM Administration Center

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