Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Featured Appliance: Hands-on Particle Physics

Hands-on Particle Physics is a Live DVD containing a comprehensive educational Physics curriculum, published by SUSE Studio user CERN Football.

Including written lessons, demonstration videos, and a number of interactive simulations, HoPP provides a comprehensive environment for learning Particle Physics, assuming you're technical German is up to snuff (most of the content is only accessible in German).  According to the release notes, the appliance includes the following materials: "ATLAS W-Pfad (mit 6000 Ereignissen), ATLAS Z-Pfad mit 3000 Ereignissen, Lancaster Particle Physics, Terry Wyatt’s Identifying Particles (LEP)".

Packing a big collection of media, and the necessary software to put it to use, into a live image is just the kind of innovative solution we love seeing from our creative users!
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