Friday, March 8, 2013

Testdrive performance improved

This week we increased the memory limit for appliances run in Studio's testdrive from 512 MB to 1 GB. The old value was enough for most appliances, but modern desktop environments like GNOME and KDE work much better with more RAM. This is especially true for ISO images, which are read-only and thus need more memory than other formats.

As a result of the change, you should see a noticeable speedup across the board, especially if you are on a good network and your connection speed is not a bottleneck.

Enjoy your faster testdrives!


  1. great :-)

    now, the only thing we need is that even if we do not have flash in the browser, the appliance still boots and can then be accessed through the network option......

    currently, no flash == no testdrive

    which is silly (android, ipad users, unite !! )

  2. @mraix We are aware that Flash is a problem for some users. We hope to solve this with a new NoVNC-based ( solution which we are currently experimenting with.

  3. Yes! Finally! GREAT JOB SUSESTUDIO!!!!

  4. how to run it in vnc?? from VietNam

    1. When testdriving, the Network tab has instructions for connecting with a native VNC client.


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