Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(open)SUSE conferences

We've just returned from a fantastic week at SUSECon and openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida - lots of great presentations, discussions and parties! If you missed that, make sure you sign up early next year. The location for the next SUSECon has not yet been decided, but you can be sure it's going to be even bigger and better!

The videos shown in the SUSECon keynotes are available in the SUSE Linux channel on YouTube. One of my favorites is the customer video from Teradata, which is embedded below. Do check out the rest too.

At SUSECon, we've been busy demoing SUSE Studio all week at the kiosks and booths. It's really awesome to see how new users are amazed by the simplicity and power of Studio - with many asking why they haven't heard of it sooner! We also took the opportunity there to conduct a couple of in-depth introduction and walkthrough sessions, each lasting a little over an hour. The slides are embedded below if you're interested, though they're rather limited on their own.

And there's more! Next month we're going to be at the openSUSE Conference in Prague, so do drop by and say "Hi" to the development team who will probably be hanging out the booths. Hope to see you there!


  1. There's a full stop on the end of your link to your youtube channel that breaks the link.

  2. any chance for suse conference in Oklahoma?

    1. Hi Jack, perhaps you can arrange with your local Linux user group to make that happen!


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