Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More helpful help... with your help!

While we've been constantly iterating on SUSE Studio, we realize our help documents haven't kept up. That's why we're rebooting our help system, and giving you the opportunity to contribute as well.

Instead of the existing mix of static documents and wiki pages, we've started a new project to consolidate our help docs: studio-help, hosted on github.  We've gone through and updated all the screenshots, and have already revised more than half the text.  Since this is an open project, you can see the changes we're making in the documents' history.  Most importantly, if you see an omission, error, or just something needing improvement, you can now fork the project and submit your change as a pull request.

The biggest change we've made, though, is in getting updates online fast. We're taking advantage of a post-commit hook to automatically deploy the current documents. The end result is that changes go online about five seconds after they're accepted.

We still have some work to do; some documents are stubs, some areas just don't have any coverage, and a few inline help items need to be moved.  We've created issues for everything we know needs work, so feel free to grab an item and help out.

We look forward to your pull requests, and hope you find , well, helpful ;-)

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