Friday, February 3, 2012

Manage your appliances using SUSE Manager

If you use appliances built by SUSE Studio in server environments, you probably know that you need to monitor them, update their configuration, deploy security fixes, etc. In short, you need to  manage them. SUSE offers a product that helps exactly with these tasks — SUSE Manager — and SUSE Studio now offers a simple way to manage your SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1 appliances using it.

To use the new SUSE Manager integration, simply visit your appliance configuration and select Configuration → Appliance, then select the Integrate with SUSE Manger checkbox. Fill in the hostname or IP address of your SUSE Manager server and the name of a bootstrap script that will be used inside your appliance.

When booting your appliance for the first time, it will automatically download and run the bootstrap script, registering your appliance with SUSE Manager. Afterward, you can manage the appliance like any other system.

Learn more about SUSE Manager by watching videos, reading its documentation, or simply trying the free evaluation version.

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