Monday, November 28, 2011

Upgrade your appliances to openSUSE 12.1

Last week we enabled one-click upgrade of old openSUSE appliances to just released openSUSE 12.1. The upgrade works the same way as with previous versions. Just open your old 11.4 (or even 11.3 or 11.2) appliance, go to the Start tab and click on the Upgrade button in the bar at the top.

How does the upgrade magic work? Generally Studio tries to change repositories to their 12.1 equivalents and sometimes adds or removes few packages to ensure everything works smoothly. You can see what exactly was done in the log accessible from the bar at the bottom of the Start tab.

Sometimes the upgraded appliance will need few tweaks to work. Just inspect the log, see what was changed, and apply any additional adjustments. Let us know what you had to do on our forum or mailing list so we can improve the upgrade in the future.

If you are not satisfied with the upgrade, you can always revert to original version by clicking the Undo upgrade link.

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