Friday, October 28, 2011

EC2 revisited

We redesigned our user interface for the EC2 management page. Not only does it look much nicer and cleaner now, but we also added the possibility to change an instance's type after it has been uploaded to Amazon's Web Services.

Go ahead and check it out for yourselves. Even more so, if you haven't tried it before. Just take your favorite appliance and upload it to the cloud. It's really as simple as it looks. ;-)


  1. I created an ec2 instance from my NX server. I cannot connect via SSH. The firewall is open. Is there something I need to do to the image to make sure it works?

    It does appear to be operating as a "free" instance if anyone is curious. I set it to DHCP, and there was a root password, do I need to remove that?

    In OpenSSH, my key keeps returning "Permission denied (publickey)." I tried to convert it in putty and got an unexpected end of file error.

  2. Login via user/pass is not possible with Amazon EC2. The only way to login is by means of a public/private key combination. Did you follow the instructions you get, once you have a running instance and click on "View connection info..."?

    If so, would you tell me your appliance's name, such that I can take a look what might be wrong there?

  3. Yes, I followed the directions. I was able to get an ec2 created one working earlier, using a public opensuse. I am trying to get my appliance "Home NX Server" working. It seemed like port 22 was closed for several hours after I uploaded, then it opened, but I can't get the key to log me in using:
    ssh -v -i ./suse-studio-b946394-us-east-key.pem

    key has been downloaded and is in the directory with 0600 permissions

  4. Hey Paul. Sorry for not replying any sooner.

    The problem with your appliance is that you added an EULA to it which has to be agreed upon when booting for the first time. Since you're trying to upload and run this image on a remote host, the machine will stop there and wait for input. Meaning, networking and thus ssh access is not yet working. You can experience this behavior in testdrive for yourself. In general: If an appliance is not booting in testdrive, it will most likely not boot on EC2.

    Long story short: Just get rid of the EULA. You obviously added it just for fun anyways. ;-)

  5. Is EC2 support permanently dropped for openSUSE versions above 11.4? I am trying to upgrade an appliance, and Studio informs me EC2 support is not available.


  6. No. We actually just released an update that will allow you to upload your openSUSE appliance to EC2 using Studio. Give it a try.


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