Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's never been so EC2 access the cloud

We already introduced SUSE Studio's new EC2 management page as a beta feature back in March. Meanwhile, there have been a couple of changes and improvements. The first major change is obviously that it is no longer a beta feature and available for all users. Just build an EC2 image of your favorite appliance, enter your AWS (Amazon Web Services) credentials and you are ready to go. Speaking of AWS credentials: Since we no longer need S3 (Simple Storage Service), it has become even easier to use SUSE Studio. You only need to fill in your "Access Key ID" and your "Secret Access Key". No need for certificates or private keys any more. Why did we get rid of S3, you might ask? The reason is, that it is now possible to use EBS (Elastic Block Storage) for all appliances, including openSUSE-based ones. And again, things just got easier. Additionally, you may now choose which instance type should be used for your appliance. There are seven different setups to choose from. A detailed description of those instance types can be found on Amazon.

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  1. This is really great news! Especially when you're playing with Amazon's free tier usage, which gives you a server for free for a year, yea!


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