Thursday, March 10, 2011

SUSE Gallery becomes more open

We've made a small iteration to the Studio UI, removing the option to prevent cloning of appliances you share on SUSE Gallery. Out of respect for you, our users, if you have already shared an appliance and prevented cloning we'll leave it that way, but we feel that, in the spirit of openness, all of our users have the right to build on the work shared in the Gallery's community.  If you prefer not to share your work to that degree, SUSE Gallery may not be the appropriate venue. You may, as always, download your appliances and host them elsewhere, on your own terms, or simply keep them to yourself.  The choice is yours.


  1. Thanks for your strong commitment to honest openness!

  2. Wise decision which make us even happier and proud of relying SUSEStudio ...

  3. Well said, well done!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Keep up!!!

  4. Still not very happy that 2 people cloned Subuntu... = - (

  5. This simply allows the easier creation of duplicates. I think the choice should be left to who is actually investing time and effort in preparing the appliance.


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