Thursday, March 10, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 Support

This week the openSUSE community launches the newest version of their flagship Linux distribution: openSUSE 11.4. We're doing our part to congratulate the community on their hard work by providing openSUSE 11.4 templates on Release Day! So hop into SUSE Studio, and start customizing your own version of openSUSE 11.4, be it for your desktop or server workloads. You can build all usual image formats except Amazon EC2 (which is coming soon).

And remember — as always, if you have a suggestion for us or encounter a problem, you can let us know on our forum (or our mailing list, which is just another view of the forum).

openSUSE 11.4 templates on SUSE Studio

Testdriving openSUSE 11.4's KDE 4.6 Desktop

Testdriving openSUSE 11.4's GNOME 2.32 desktop


  1. will it be possible to migrate "old" 11.3 appliances to 11.4?

  2. Yes, that will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

  3. Como cambio el icono de el camaleon ?

  4. I built my appliance but it give this error
    what can i do??

  5. Osmany: Can you give us link to your appliance in Studio? Or even better, describe the problem in more detail in the forum/mailing list (see links in the article). Thanks.

    David Majda
    SUSE Studio developer

  6. Wanting to try out Suse Studio but was stumped by not fully understanding the packages in openSUSE.

    For my case, I wanted simply
    - the complete yast that the current Live CD provides
    - kdm (just able to login to KDE)
    - a wireless connection (in Debain -> wpasupplicant + network-manager-kde + firmware-iwlwifi)

    Appreciate if you can advise the packages to select.

  7. For network it is NetworManager.


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