Saturday, March 5, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 for Amazon EC2

openSUSE 11.4 will be officially released on March 10, and we have been working hard to support it in SUSE Studio for a same day release. While you're waiting for that, check out the openSUSE 11.4 public AMIs on Amazon EC2! (All built with SUSE Studio.)

Region Type Arch AMI ID
US East (Virginia)EBSi386ami-e626de8f
US East (Virginia)EBSx86_64ami-d226debb
US East (Virginia)S3i386ami-b2768edb
US East (Virginia)S3x86_64ami-e468908d
US West (N. California)EBSi386ami-d3471596
US West (N. California)EBSx86_64ami-dd471598
US West (N. California)S3i386ami-274c1e62
US West (N. California)S3x86_64ami-8f4c1eca
EU West (Ireland) EBS i386 ami-9e2e1fea
EU West (Ireland) EBS x86_64 ami-982e1fec
EU West (Ireland) S3 i386 ami-f81f2e8c
EU West (Ireland) S3 x86_64 ami-201e2f54
Asia Pacific (Singapore) EBS i386 ami-647d0536
Asia Pacific (Singapore) EBS x86_64 ami-6a7d0538
Asia Pacific (Singapore) S3 i386 ami-aa750df8
Asia Pacific (Singapore) S3 x86_64 ami-38760e6a
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) EBS i386 ami-8e3e948f
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) EBS x86_64 ami-903e9491
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) S3 i386 ami-5e319b5f
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) S3 x86_64 ami-72319b73
List of public openSUSE 11.4 AMIs. S3 = instance-store.

Amazon is offering a free usage tier, which means you can now run an openSUSE 11.4 micro instance in Amazon EC2 completely free of charge for one year! Do check it out.


  1. That's the first 750 hours each month *for 12 months* - enough to cover one EC2 instance for a full year!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out - I've updated the post.

  3. Wonderful ! a great opportunity to play around with openSUSE and Amazon EC2

  4. Does this ami include a GUI?

  5. No, AMIs are usually intended for server use and hence do not include a GUI. You can of course, customize it with Studio to add which ever GUI you prefer.

  6. How to SSH in? The root has some password and the regular ec2-user does not work.

  7. I managed to SSH in now, the right combination was logging in as root with key auth.

  8. ami-38926051
    А скажите, почему на этой сборке корневой раздел всего 300 метров. Что с этим предполагается делать дальше?

  9. I'm having with these ami-s when loading yast2 from zypper... zypper reports insufficient disk space even on a fresh instance-store instance. Where should I look for help with this? Thanks.

  10. Paul, we will fix that soon by releasing a new set of AMIs. Stay tuned!

  11. Paul, I updated the AMIs for openSUSE 11.4 as well as this blog post. You might give it another try with those updated AMIs. They should have enough space now.

  12. would you be able to provide such a AMI for the GPU instance in AWS?

    that would be extremely helpful for my research

  13. Sorry, we don't have any plans to support GPU instances in the near future. However, you could just build a normal disk image of your appliance and upload it directly to EC2 to create a GPU instance from it. I've been told that it should just work. ;-)


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