Monday, February 21, 2011

Public openSUSE 11.3 AMIs

We've been receiving a lot of very positive feedback since we added Amazon EC2 support in SUSE Studio, so I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support!

Feature requests keep coming in, but one in particular stands out due to its popularity -- the ability to create openSUSE EBS AMIs. This is especially useful as Amazon's free usage tier does not support instance-store backed AMIs (which we already support in Studio for openSUSE).

So after some nudging from one of our users, Thomps, I did some hacking over the weekend and added openSUSE EBS support in the script (which is by the way, open-source and available on Github). This will be merged into Studio soon.

While working on this, I noticed that there aren't any official public openSUSE AMIs out there, so I created  some with SUSE Studio (32 bit64 bit). The full list of public openSUSE 11.3 AMIs are listed in the table below.

Region Type Arch AMI ID
US East (Virginia) EBS i386 ami-acc83bc5
US East (Virginia) EBS x86_64 ami-00c83b69
US East (Virginia) S3 i386 ami-d8cf3cb1
US East (Virginia) S3 x86_64 ami-92cf3cfb
US West (N. California) EBS i386 ami-b7c090f2
US West (N. California) EBS x86_64 ami-a1c090e4
US West (N. California) S3 i386 ami-61c19124
US West (N. California) S3 x86_64 ami-77c19132
EU West (Ireland) EBS i386 ami-83dde9f7
EU West (Ireland) EBS x86_64 ami-93dde9e7
EU West (Ireland) S3 i386 ami-27deea53
EU West (Ireland) S3 x86_64 ami-19deea6d
Asia Pacific (Singapore) EBS i386 ami-bef886ec
Asia Pacific (Singapore) EBS x86_64 ami-8ef886dc
Asia Pacific (Singapore) S3 i386 ami-54f98706
Asia Pacific (Singapore) S3 x86_64 ami-5cf9870e
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) EBS i386 ami-b61bb0b7
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) EBS x86_64 ami-ba1bb0bb
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) S3 i386 ami-b41bb0b5
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) S3 x86_64 ami-a61bb0a7
List of public openSUSE 11.3 AMIs. S3 = instance-store.

With Amazon's free usage tier, you can run these openSUSE EBS AMIs completely free for the first 750 hours!

Copy and paste the appropriate AMI IDs here into your Amazon Management Console, or simply search for it there by selecting "Public Images" and "OpenSUSE". If you only want to run the AMIs from us, look out for the owner "720220196365".

We will also be releasing public openSUSE 11.4 AMIs when openSUSE 11.4 is released (10 March 2011), so stay tuned!

Update (Mar 5 16:49 CET): Added AMIs for new Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region.


  1. Nice that you're also working on supporting the EBS Ami's.

    Right now I'm having trouble to run the script. It keeps giving me the "Client.MalformedSOAPSignature: Invalid SOAP Signature. Failed to check signature with X.509 cert" error. The script runs fine.

    I have set all the enviroment variables, and installed the latest version of the Amazon api-tools.

  2. @sdotone: Have you checked that you're using the correct certificate?


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