Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New SLES for VMware templates

Some of you might have noticed the introduction of the "SLES for VMware" templates in SUSE Studio several weeks ago. These templates allow you to create specialized server appliances that are optimized to run on VMware vSphere. If you have an active vSphere subscription, you can get an entitlement to receive patches and updates directly from VMware. Support is available by VMware, too.

VMware templates are based on Novell's SLES-for-VMware repositories which are similiar to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 1, but tailored to run on VMware vSphere. Some of the packages which are part of SLES11 SP1 are removed for the SLES-for-VMware repositories, mainly Xen and KVM related. Other packages were branded by VMware, those are mainly theming packages for grub, KDE and Gnome.

To create your own SLES for VMware appliance, go to the "Create new appliance" page and select the SLES-for-VMware template. Besides the ability to add custom logo and background images, you will find most of the well-known options to configure your appliance with SUSE Studio.

Customize your appliance as you would do on any other appliance made with SUSE Studio and click the "Build". Only two build formats are available: OVF and VMDK.

Visit VMware homepage to get more information about SUSE Linux Enterprise for VMware. You can also read the SLES for VMware FAQ or ask via the usual channels (forum, mailing list).

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