Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Activity visualization

SUSE Gallery has been publicly announced a few months ago and we've seen many great appliances being published there.

While we're working hard to improve it further and add new features we also took some time to visualize the activity that's going on there. Here's the result:

The graph in the video shows the published templates (clusters) with their clones (dots) and the inheritance between them. There are lots of users publishing appliances to Gallery (green beams) and releasing new versions of their babies (orange beams).

In the beginning, only the additional templates from the "Create new appliance" page in Studio are shown (LAMP Server, KDE/Gnome Reloaded, Ingres Server) with a few clones here and there, but after a few seconds the effects of the Gallery announcement kick in (~ at 0:06, July 29th).

The video was generated with the awesome open source tool gource. It's primarily made for visualization of version control systems like Git, CVS or subversion but it can also be fed custom logs in a simple format.
So all we had to do was to write such a log file of the published/updated appliances and let ffmpeg process the gource output to the video above.

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