Thursday, September 30, 2010

One-click WebYaST

Everyone familiar with SUSE Linux will definitely know or at least have heard about YaST (Yet another Setup Tool). It is one of the many unique features SUSE has over other Linux distributions and makes the otherwise tricky system configuration a snap. These configurations include hardware, network, services, security, and many more.

YaST has evolved over the years to include many different front-ends, such as those for GNOME, KDE, and text consoles (ncurses). The most recent addition is a web-based front-end called WebYaST. It simplifies remote system administration and configuration - you don't have to SSH into the system anymore, all you need is a web browser.

It is now easy to include WebYaST in your Studio appliances. Simply go to the appliance editor and select the Enable WebYaST option under the additional options section of the configuration tab (for SLE11 SP1, openSUSE 11.3 only):

This will modify your software selection to include the necessary WebYaST repositories and packages. Your software tab will then look something like this:

If you have the firewall configured, it will open up the default WebYaST port 54984. WebYaST will also be configured to auto-start on boot. You can run Testdrive to see it in action after building the appliance. Here's what the server boot looks like:

From there we can see that WebYaST started successfully. Now go to the networking tab in Testdrive and click Enable networking. This allows you to connect to directly to the WebYaST service running in your Testdrive session. The direct link can be found under the "Try out WebYaST" section of the Testdrive networking tab:

Note that the generated link only works on the computer that started the Testdrive session for security reasons (by bounding the connecting IP address), so you can't share it with others. The link will open a new page with a SSL security certificate warning which you can safely dismiss, and then you will see the WebYaST login page:

And here's what WebYaST looks like after logging in (use the system root account and password, which is root/linux by default):

Do bear in mind that WebYaST is relatively new, so it still has some rough edges. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!


  1. doesn t work for me get error 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT):

  2. 1) how can I replace the WebYAST logo with the Appliance Logo.

    2) how can I remove items from the configuration section.

  3. 2015 here, this no longer applies. Would very much love to turn on Webyast, but I can't even find it in the repos for OpenSuse 13.2, is it still around? or was webyast abandoned?

    1. they said that webyast is no longer developed :(

  4. also would love to find how to enable webyast today.

  5. Nah they abandoned it. All project repos I've found related to it haven't been updated in years, and it's been removed from all recent OpenSuSe versions.

    A real shame, I honestly think this was an amazing feature, you could click together fully web-enabled network appliances in a matter of minutes.. Now I'll go back to webmin and Debian I guess? Oh well..


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