Monday, September 6, 2010

Import KIWI and AutoYaST configurations easily

SUSE Studio offers nice user interface for configuring software appliances with many options. But what if you already had a configuration ready — for example a carefully tuned AutoYaST profile which your company uses for installing workstations? Or a KIWI configuration of your appliance exported from Studio (so that you could build that appliance on your machine) which you modified locally? Until now, there was no easy way how to apply it in Studio.

This is why we prepared a brand new KIWI and AutoYaST configuration import feature. If you enable it (more about that below), you can easily create an appliance based on your settings. Just go to your Studio home page, click the Create new appliance... button and select the Import icon instead of one of the templates.

Import icon

You can then upload your KIWI configuration or AutoYaST profile. Studio will automatically detect which one you used and create a new appliance with the configuration settings applied.

Supported settings

KIWI and AutoYaST imports support the following settings:

Setting KIWI AutoYaST
Name X
Architecture X (1)
Base system X (1)
Users X X
Repositories X X
Pacakges X X
Patterns X
Network settings X
Boot settings X
Build scripts X
Logos X
Background theming X
Overlay files X X

(1) The architecture and base system are selected by the user during the import. This information is not contained in the AutoYaST profile as the profiles are designed to be generic.

What about the settings Studio can’t import? In case of AutoYaST, we apply the unimported settings using AutoYaST itself when the appliance boots for the first time. You can edit the applied profile (with already imported settings stripped) in the Configuration → Scripts tab in the appliance configuration.

Enabling the imports

The KIWI and AutoYaST imports are still in beta — which means they aren’t enabled by default. To enable them, go to your profile page and click on the Enable experimental features button (this will give you access to all beta features we introduce).

As with all software still in beta, bugs are expected. If you’ll note anything not working as expected, let us know so we can look at the issue and fix it.


  1. Thank you for introducing this feature!

    This brings a great deal more flexibility & ease of use to SuSE Studio: Now I can further develop a a local running image of an appliance & then apply those changes back to my original at SuSE Studio.

    My compliments to the SuSE Studio team.

  2. Thank you! This simplifies my build processes tremendously!

  3. Suse Studio no longer looks as you have portrayed. There is no Import option

  4. You need to enable the beta feature in order to see it. See the last section "Enabling the imports" of the blog post.

    1. Hello,
      Can I use this feature, to use for a custom GRUB entry?



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