Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured appliance - BrowserBox

This week's featured appliance is BrowserBox created by Jacob. It is a great appliance for web developers and people who need to test websites in different browsers.

The appliance contains a whopping 22 versions of 12 different browsers, including the Android browser, Arora, Google Chrome, Epiphany, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Lynx, Opera and Safari.


  1. Now that cross-browser is done would cross-versioning also be in the pipeline whereby a rolling release distro could be built?

  2. Since SUSE has Factory, a rolling release version, it's possible. The only problem is keeping up, and it's not guaranteed to work.

  3. Just booted this up and it looks great. Just wondering if anyone has looked at using anything like Selenium to automate the cross browser testing aspect in real time?

    Would be great to be able to fire off the selenium script to all browsers at once and see, in real time, the page loads and layout differences between browsers?

  4. certainly a cute and amazing appliance tool.. ,


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