Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Featured appliance - MiniSUSE

As promised, we have a new featured appliance this week and it belongs to Horváth Gergely J.. He will be receiving his Amazon gift card real soon!

His winning MiniSUSE appliance is based on openSUSE 11.3 (the current latest version) and is intended as a Live CD/DVD or USB thumbdrive. It is a small but useful Linux system that you can use as a rescue disk, to format drives, etc. A "Swiss army knife for your Linux needs" as Horváth puts it.

If you need a small and quick openSUSE system to try out, be sure to check this one out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New featured appliance of the week!

Congratulations to Patrick Shoaf for landing a spot in our "Featured appliance" section in SUSE Gallery! His winning VMware Open View appliance is a bootable Linux Thin Client that autoloads and runs VMware View 4.5 Open Client. It is available as a live disk image (for USB/Flash and hard drives) as well as live CD/DVD.

Patrick gets an Amazon gift card from us as a small token of appreciation for his efforts. We will be selecting a new featured appliance in SUSE Gallery each week, so stay tuned as yours might be next!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Win $10,000 building appliances with SUSE Studio

In case you haven't heard about The Disters Contest yet, check it out now. We are looking for the best appliances in two categories, community and commercial. The winners will get $10,000 each. So don't wait, go to SUSE Studio, build your appliance, publish it on SUSE Gallery, and submit it to the contest. While there is still some time before the contest closes, don't wait with publishing it. You still have time to refine it, and you will get valuable feedback. The proven "release early, release often" philosophy applies here as well.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can browse SUSE Gallery for some examples. There are live CDs as demos of applications like Marble in a box, special purpose distributions like openSUSE Medical, templates providing a software stack as base for other appliances like the LAMP server, or special-purpose applications, which run well as appliance, like the Subscription Management Tool.

While there are various ways to include software in Studio, the best is to use the openSUSE Build Service to package it, and then import it in SUSE Studio. In many cases there already will be a package, and if not, it's certainly a worthwhile effort to create one. See for example the Build Service Tutorial for some more information how to do this. For details about how to do specific things in SUSE Studio, which might not be obvious in the UI, there is for example a series of SUSE Studio Howtos in the openSUSE Wiki, and of course you can discuss how to do things with other users and developers in the forum or on IRC.

I'm really looking forward to see your appliances on SUSE Gallery. Just to give some more ideas, it would for example to be great to have a Drupal, Gitorious,  or status.net appliance, which can be used out of the box. Or you could create a template for use by other people, e.g. a Rails server, complete with deployment and monitoring tools. Or you create an optimized environment for development of KDE, GNOME, Mono, or some other applications, including development packages, documentation, and programming tools, maybe even a pre-configured IDE. There are certainly tons of other ideas. Feel free to add them in the comments and tell us and others what you would like to see on SUSE Gallery.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Build openSUSE 11.3 appliances now

It took us a bit longer than expected, but now we are happy to announce, that SUSE Studio now also supports building appliances based on openSUSE 11.3. So you can take advantage of the latest and greatest features, which come with this release of openSUSE. We will continue to support building existing appliances on older openSUSE versions, but new openSUSE based appliances will all be 11.3.

We will also add migration of 11.2 based appliances to 11.3, so that you can easily move existing appliances to the latest openSUSE version. If all goes well, we'll release this next week. Until then you can just continue with your 11.2 based appliances and migrate them later, or if you prefer to have 11.3 immediately start with a new one.

Have a lot of fun with openSUSE 11.3 in SUSE Studio.
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