Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Share your appliances with SUSE Gallery!

Today, nearly a year after launching SUSE Studio, we’re very excited and proud to announce the beta preview of SUSE Gallery, a new major addition to SUSE Studio.

SUSE Gallery allows you to easily share your appliances with the Studio community, in a fully searchable directory of appliances. All signed in Studio users can rate and comment on appliances, and each appliance can be downloaded — or even cloned from, to start your own custom version of that appliance.

Looking for a LAMP stack? You don’t even have to build it yourself in Studio now! Simply search for it in the Gallery, download it immediately, and start using it. Need to tweak it? That’s no problem — click the “Clone appliance...” link in the Gallery appliance page, modify the appliance configuration to suit your needs, and rebuild. Found a bug in the appliance? Post a comment and the appliance creator will (hopefully) fix it in the next release. Alternatively, you can clone it, fix the bug yourself and re-publish it back to the community.

Enabling SUSE Gallery

Since SUSE Gallery is still in beta, you need to opt-in before you can use it. It’s simple to enable:

  1. Sign in to SUSE Studio.
  2. Click your display name in the navigation bar (at the top-right of the page) to visit your account settings.
  3. Press the button labeled “Enable experimental features”.

You now have access to SUSE Gallery! Click the “Gallery” link at the top-right of the page to get started.

Publishing appliances

After joining the Gallery beta, there will be “Share” tab in the appliance editor page. In this tab, you may specify the appliance description, tags, release notes, and other information for your appliance.

Once you have built at least one appliance in the Build tab, you are able select the appliance version and click “Add” in the Share tab. As soon as you add a built, you can write the release notes, which you need to write before you can publish the appliance.

As soon as you click the “Publish” button, your appliance will be available in the Gallery!

The future

Keep in mind that the Gallery is still under beta, so there still may be a few glitches. Also, we plan on adding additional features to gallery from time to time, so don’t be surprised if things work or look a little different in the near future.

With more than 70,000 registered SUSE Studio users (and still growing), we can’t wait to see all the appliances that will appear in the Gallery soon!

We look forward to all your feedback, bug reports, and suggestions.


  1. Hi,

    a great idea, but the lifetime of any images on susestudio are 7 days only. How if our built image over 7 days of lifetime, is this automatically deleted and disappeared from gallery or is this a different approach to the published appliance on gallery ?

  2. Vavai: When appliance builds are published to Gallery, they stick around (and also do not count against your quota).

  3. Can you add a feature where the people can clone only if the creator wants it to? Because I want my distro to be known like Ubuntu, but I do not want it to be cloned if you can then I'll use it but if not then I'll forget about it.

  4. @74ryanwolf: That feature is already there in the share tab... and you can see its checkbox in one of the screenshots on this blog post.

  5. I like so far. A new feature that would help alot, is the ability to do a test drive before cloning or downloading.

  6. Garrett,

    it seems on my account that the published builds also count to my quota
    and i'm almost running out of quota. even expired builds also seems to count to the quota.

  7. dennyhalim, the disk quota issue will be fixed soon (probably next week).

    1. hoping soon, really would like to include in lab as a part of RAID and LVM.

  8. I' like all this very much, but, yes there is a but.
    SuseStudio needs to include info about softwares that you can create as separate disc (iso), so that after you burn your distro and install it in your PC, then you can add your other disc of softwares from OpenSuse that you also created not as a full distro.

    It is best for newbies like me that only have 0ne year or so working with Linux to make our own simple applince and to shere it because we added special images or something and then be also able to delete it and try something a little more sustancial as a distro but also know that we got the list of softwares we like best.

    there must be a way and yes I know about softwares trhat don't get along but surely the linux installers can skip such softwares even if they are in the second disc, hope you all what I'm talking about. cheers

    1. I'm not quite sure what you mean - you can get all the other software online directly from the repositories, so there's no need for a separate ISO. Or am I missing something from your use case?

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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