Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hackweek: Graphical client for SUSE Studio

This week is hackweek at SUSE. Originally I had planned to go to Linuxtag, which also is this week, but unfortunately I'm not able to follow that plan, so I'm making the best of it and take the opportunity to hack away on a project I wanted to do for a long time already: A graphical client for SUSE Studio. It's tracked as Feature 309733 in openFATE.

I'm not going to replicate the functionality of the web interface. This can easily be used through a browser. Maybe I will experiment with embedding a browser component, but the main focus of the client will be on those tasks which can't be done online. This is stuff like managing downloads, running and deploying appliances locally, natively connecting to testdrive, etc. I'm sure you have more ideas. Don't hesitate to share them with me, if you like.

The first bit of infrastructure is already done, as you see in the screenshot below. It shows the list of my appliances on SUSE Studio in a native UI window.

The client is written in C++ using the KDE development platform. This provides me with all the infrastructure I need for UI and communication with the HTTP API of SUSE Studio. I'm also making use of KXML Compiler, which generates the C++ code for all the XML handling needed for the API. It's so nice to not have to write any XML parsing code by hand and still have a native API to access all the data.

I haven't committed the code yet, but will do so later.

I'm going back to hacking now. Let's see where this goes. I will report some more detailed progress in my Hackweek blog. If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to contribute, please let me know.

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