Monday, May 17, 2010

Boxy but good enough

We're happy to announce initial Internet Explorer support for SUSE Studio!

It's taken countless hours, lots of creative debugging, and many mysterious bug hunts — but we've finally done it.

(This was one of the more "helpful" error messages!)

There are a few know issues at this time, however:
  • Testdrive does not fully work — the sidebar buttons are not enabled and the tabs do not not show up. It seems to be related to a Flash issue.
  • Sidebar sticking doesn't seem to occur, so you may need to scroll up to see warnings and errors.
  • Some graphics glitches are visible. This is related to PNG alpha transparency and opacity. It sometimes affects fonts as well. There are a few workarounds already, and we may have to add more.

Also, it's worth noting that we do not plan to make SUSE Studio look the same in Internet Explorer. For now, this means that you will not see rounded corners, subtle shadows, and a few animations. Also, Internet Explorer 8 is noticeably slower than the competition (but it's still acceptably quick). Internet Explorer 9 (in beta now) should address these issues.

If you use SUSE Studio on Windows, please take the site for a spin in Internet Explorer 8 and let us know how it goes! If you do run into any bugs, please inform us either in a comment here or by clicking the feedback link to let us know what happened. Thanks!


  1. Wouldn't it be better to ignore IE completely like most of the rest of the sensible world.

  2. Prior to this, we did ignore IE, but it's a good idea to allow as many people as possible to create Linux appliances.

    That said, we're only going to support IE8 and higher.

    If we had to support anything less than IE8, it would drive me to insanity. IE8 support itself got me close at times. *smile*

    ...Also, I forgot to mention that we've unofficially supported Google's "Chrome Frame" for those unfortunate people who are stuck in IE for one reason or another. If it's installed on a system, then it will be used with SUSE Studio.

    Our focus, of course, is still WebKit and Gecko-based browsers... and we try to make sure Opera works too (although it's usually quite easy, as it usually "just works").

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  4. Thx SuSe studio team, i need of IE to run testdrives(because firefox is very secure and don't allow these connecions)

  5. IE is cheap...
    Firefox/Mozilla is better


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