Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to the SUSE Studio blog!

Welcome! We're launching this blog to talk about SUSE Studio, upcoming features, appliances, robots, and nifty things that people are doing with SUSE Studio. We've been doing this sort of thing on Twitter (and will continue) and plan to write more in-depth on this blog.

Currently, we are working on a lot of exciting features, and can't wait to share some of this neat stuff with you — and we're looking forward to your feedback, also!


  1. Great stuff. Are you going to announce new posts on twitter or would it be better to subscribe to the rss feed if we want to receive updates?

  2. @pablo: Our current thinking is that we'll link (most, if not all) the blog posts from Twitter. We'll still use Twitter for smaller, more typical tweets too.

    Also, we have our blog posts automatically imported into our Facebook page too.

    We'll see how it goes, though. This is still a little new for us. (:

  3. Hello such, I have been a year or almost a year since I use the Suse Studio is really great, but what it does not work right now, where before I did it with ease as the creator in JeOS, and now I get Minimal anything like it with X, as the creator in Gnome and KDE is so full quickly and smoothly, there must be something easier to create, when I believe I opened Gnome background pictures, let alone the themes, settings to change your appearance, what is the sftware to add so you can activate the pictures, themes, appearances, etc.? I appreciate it.


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